Some Facts about Carlos Marin Il

Carlos Marin Il has had many successful projects throughout his career. In 2016 he launched his own creative agency, OMG Creative, which has since become a leader in the industry for its innovative approach to design and marketing. His work has been featured in renowned magazines such as Elle and Vogue, among others. In addition, Carlos Marin Il is also an avid traveler and adventurer—he’s traveled all over the world and explored some of the most remote places on Earth. He’s even summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa!

Carlos Marin Il

In 2019 Carlos Marin Il was named one of Mexico’s top 50 entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine for his commitment to innovation and creativity. He currently runs three businesses: his creative agency (OMG Creative), a travel blog (The Explorer), and a retail furniture store (Home Shop). His success has been largely attributed to his willingness to take risks, think outside of the box, and invest in new ideas.

Even though Carlos Marin Il is known for his business acumen he also has a philanthropic side. He recently launched an initiative called “Green Dreams” which aims to reduce plastic waste by providing reusable bottles and bags to local businesses. He hopes that this project will help protect our environment and inspire others to do the same.

Carlos Marin Il’s story is truly inspiring—from humble beginnings, he has achieved great success through hard work, dedication, and creative thinking. With each new venture, he continues to challenge himself and push the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s safe to say that he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Latin America!

There’s no doubt that Carlos Marin Il has made an incredible impact in the business world, but he is also known for his commitment to giving back. He regularly donates his time and money to various charities and causes. Whether it’s helping those in need or inspiring youth to pursue their dreams, Carlos Marin Il is passionate about making a positive difference in the world. His dedication to making a lasting change is something that should be applauded and admired.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Latin America, Carlos Marin Il continues to lead by example—showing us all what can be accomplished when we work hard, think innovatively, and remain committed to our dreams. His inspiring story and unwavering commitment to giving back serves as a reminder that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

With every project, Carlos Marin Il reminds us that the impossible is attainable when we remain dedicated and focused. He has come a long way from his humble beginnings and continues to make strides in the business world with each new endeavor he takes on. We can all learn something from Carlos Marin Il’s example of hard work, creativity, and philanthropy—he truly is an inspiration!

Carlos Marin Il’s legacy will go far beyond his accomplishments in the business world—his commitment to helping others and making a positive impact in the world will last long after his time on this earth. That’s one of his greatest secrets—his compassion and dedication to making a difference. He is truly an inspiration for us all!


Carlos Marin Il is an unforgettable example that it is possible to make tremendous accomplishments with hard work, creativity, and philanthropy. With each new project he takes on, he reminds us of the power of dreams and determination! He truly is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in Latin America.


We can learn so much from Carlos Marin Il’s journey as an entrepreneur—that anything is possible if we put our mind to it and remain committed to our dreams. From his humble beginnings to scaling Mount Kilimanjaro, he is an inspiration for us all! He’s living proof that with creativity, hard work, and dedication, anything is attainable. Carlos Marin Il truly encapsulates the spirit of entrepreneurship!

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