Top 10 Secrets About Ken Block

Ken Block is one of the top rally drivers in the world, and his incredible feats have earned him a strong following among motorsport fans. Here are some lesser-known facts about Ken Block that may surprise you.

Ken Block

1. Despite being an incredibly successful driver, Ken Block was actually scared of cars when he was young! It wasn’t until he got into snowboarding that he discovered his love for speed and adrenaline, which eventually led him to motorsports.

2. Before becoming a professional racer, Ken Block worked as a skateboard designer and also ran DC Shoes’ Motorsports Division before starting his own racing team in 2005 – Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD).

3. While most rally drivers use a Subaru WRX STI, Ken Block opts for the Ford Fiesta. His modified version of the car features a 2.5-litre turbocharged engine that produces an impressive 600bhp!

4. The tires on Ken’s Ford Fiesta are specially designed and feature his own signature tread pattern, called ‘block-fever’.

5. In 2009, Ken Block released ‘Gymkhana’, a series of drift driving videos that showcase his incredible driving skills. Since then, the videos have become incredibly popular and they have even spawned their own merchandise line!

6. When he’s not racing or filming videos, Ken Block is also an avid off-roader and has competed in several off-road races such as the Baja 1000. He even owns his own off-road truck, which he uses for recreational purposes.

7. Ken Block was an early adopter of social media and has amassed an impressive following on both Instagram and YouTube. His most popular video – Gymkhana TEN – garnered over 67 million views!

8. In 2012, Ken Block became the first ever driver to win a rally race in Dubai, when he took first place at the Rallye des Pharaons.

9. In 2015, Ken Block achieved yet another extraordinary feat by becoming the first driver to successfully complete a loop stunt in a rally car during one of his Gymkhana videos!

10. Ken Block is an avid collector of classic cars and owns over 50 vehicles, many of which are featured in his Gymkhana videos. His impressive collection includes a Ford Model T, a 1930s Auburn 851 Speedster, and even a vintage Porsche 911!

These lesser-known facts about Ken Block serve to illustrate the remarkable accomplishments he has achieved throughout his career as a rally driver. Along with his fearless driving style and adventurous spirit, it’s no wonder that Ken Block is one of the most popular drivers on the motorsport circuit today.

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